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Early detection of Cancer Conference

9 October 2018

Becky Richmond attended “The Early Detection of Cancer Conference” at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute in Portland, Oregon on 2-4 October 2018.

This annual conference is co-ordinated by Cancer Research UK in partnership with the Knight Cancer Institute, a leader in precision medicine, and the Canary Centre at Stanford, dedicated to cancer early detection. This trans-Atlantic, multi-disciplinary conference brought together over 200 world-leading scientists and stimulated discussions around the signatures of early and pre-cancer, population risk stratification, early disease models, data science and novel technology for improving early detection, with the ultimate aims of identifying lethal cancers and treating patients more effectively. One key theme borne out of discussions at the conference was the need for research supported by all “three pillars” of early detection: cohorts, tools and models. By harnessing and integrating expertise in these areas we hope to conduct more work in this exciting field in the future.

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