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Cancer Research UK: Population Research Committee (PRC) Programme Grants

17 April 2015

Programme grants provide long-term support for broad, multidisciplinary research, led by outstanding individuals with an established scientific track record. Applications are judged on the basis of scientific excellence, innovation and relevance to cancer research. Applicants should have extensive post-doctoral experience and evidence of their ability to successfully run an independent research group.

PRC Programme Grants can be awarded in the areas of:

Early Diagnosis-

  • Cancer symptoms: natural history and awareness
  • The early diagnosis pathway including alternative routes to diagnosis
  • Interventions to increase presentation to primary care or uptake of screening
  • Screening as a form of early diagnosis


  • Behavioural and lifestyle interventions to prevent cancer (individual or population level), including prevention of cancer recurrence
  • Adherence to chemoprevention
  • Screening as a form of prevention


  • Classical and health epidemiology, plus survival and incidence rates
  • Repurposing of existing cohorts for ‘omics studies (excluding genetic epidemiology)
  • Secondary physical effects of cancer treatment
  • Methodological and statistical research relating to population sciences

Further information

For details on how to apply go to the CRUK website. Outline applications are due by 23 October 2015.

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