MRC Webinar: Clinical Academic Research Partnerships (CARP)

19 August 2020, 10.00 AM - 19 August 2020, 11.00 AM


The Medical Research Council is hosting a webinar on the CARP scheme during which you will have an opportunity to find out about the application process. If you've got a PhD or MD but not currently active in research the webinar could help you determine if the scheme is right for you. 

If interested in attending please email to sign up.

A previous MRC CARP webinar was run (15th July) to outline the scheme – slides for this can be found on the University’s Major Bids webpage within “MRC Clinical Academic Research Partnerships (CARP) Round 3”. 

Please note there is an internal process for this scheme: potential applicants must submit a short Expression of Interest (EoI) for internal review. Details can be found here

Contact information

Please contact Sandra Spencer for more information on the scheme and/or major bids process. 

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