Facilitation Trepidation! Support for more confident workshop facilitation

14 February 2018, 10.00 AM - 14 February 2018, 11.30 AM

Verdon Smith Room, Royal Fort House

Facilitation Trepidation! Tips and support for more confident workshop facilitation.

This workshop, hosted by Ellie Shipman, Bristol's Fun Palaces Ambassador, is for anyone looking to gain confidence, tips and support in facilitating workshops or Fun Palaces of their own. Whether you are working with school children, members of the public, students, colleagues, older people or any other group, this session will allow some time for reflection and development through:

  • Showcasing examples of inspiring Fun Palace workshops and activities
  • Giving you tips and wrinkles on workshop facilitation, preparation and communication
  • Connecting you with new potential collaborators
  • Developing and receiving feedback on your own workshop ideas
  • Finding out how to get involved in Fun Palaces 2018

Fun Palaces

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research hosts Bristol’s Fun Palaces Ambassador to catalyse health-inspired Fun Palace events with researchers, residents and community partners.

Fun Palaces take place annually over the first weekend of October as part of a global campaign for community-led culture where ‘everyone is an artist, everyone a scientist’.

Contact information

To find out more or have a chat get in touch: ellie.shipman@bristol.ac.uk.

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