2008 Seminars

2 April: Professor James Robins, Harvard School of Public Health - 'Direct and indirect effects'.

3 April: Professor James Robins, Harvard School of Public Health - 'Estimation and extrapolation of optimal treatment and testing strategies'.

20 May: Professor Dongfeng Gu, Chair of Epidemiology, Medical Genetics and Medicine at the Fuwai Hospital and Cardiovascular Research Institute in Beijing, China - 'An overview of epidemiology and genetic epidemiology in China'.

3 June: Dr Fredrik Karpe from the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism - 'Recruit-by-genotype to investigate complex intermediary phenotypes for diabetes and cardiovascular risk genes'.

4 June: Dr Felix Burden from the Heart of Birmingham Teaching PCT - 'Prevention of premature death from coronary heart disease (CHD) in men: the Deadly Trio project'.

5 June: Julie Marsh from the Laboratory for Genetic Epidemiology, Western Australian Institute for Medical Research - 'The relationship between inter-uterine growth trajectories and the FTO genetic polymorphism'.

19 June: Dr Brendan Keating, Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Pennsylvania - 'Concept, design and implementation of a gene-centric 50K SNP array for CVD studies: peering into gene-phenotype relationships in >200,000 individuals'.

17 July: Michael Meaney from McGill University - 'Maternal care alters neuroendocrine function through epigenetic programming of gene expression: Does mom really know best?'

12 September: Steven Walker of the ALMAC group.  

9 September: Dr Hugh Montgomery from the Centre for Cardiovascular Genetics, University College London - 'Genetics and athletic performance'.

15 October: Dr Paul Brennan from the International Agency for Research on Cancer - 'Lessons from candidate gene and genome-wide studies of lung cancer'.

2 December: Dr Richard Anney from the Institute of Molecular Medicine, St James's Hospital, Dublin - 'Genome-wide association studies in childhood psychiatric disorders'.

15 December: Dr Ewan Birney from the European Bioinformatics Institute - 'Molecular genetics meets big biology'.

16 December: Prof John Whittaker from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - 'Meta-analysis of genetic association studies with different sets of marker from summary data'.