Project or programme grants with MRC CAiTE staff as principal investigators



1. Fraser A (Fellow and Principal Investigator (PI)), Lawlor DA, Relton C. Developmental overnutrition, DNA methylation and offspring cardiovascular health. Medical Research Council. £100,000: 2013-2014.

2. Rodriguez S (PI), Day IN, Guthrie PI, Gaunt TR, Lawlor DA, Ascione R, Ring S, Palmer T. Mitochondrial DNA copy number as a phenotypic trait for human diseases in genetic epidemiological studies. Medical Research Council (MR/K002767/1). £384,038: 2013-2016.



3. Lawlor DA (PI- sole applicant). Pregnancy changes and future health of mother and offspring. Wellcome Trust (WT094529MA).  £64,650: 2012-2013.

4. Fraser A (PI), Lawlor DA, Hughes A, Deanfield J, Sattar N. Modifiable early life determinants of adolescent NAFLD and its association with metabolic and vascular traits. British Heart Foundation (PG/11/33/28794). £130,493: 2012-2015.

5. Lawlor DA (PI). Senior Investigator Award. National Institute of Health Research. £75,000: 2012-2017.



6. Davey Smith G (PI), Molloy L, Ring S, Ness A, Lawlor D, Macleod J, Evans D, Emond AM, Lewis G, Tilling K, Donovan J, Tobias J,  Glaser B, Burton PR, Relton C, Timpson N, Henderson AJ, Peltonen L, Lynch J.  The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children: An international resource for population genomics and lifecourse epidemiology. Core Programme Support.  Medical Research Council/Wellcome Trust. £6,000,000: 2011- 2013.

7. Davey Smith G (PI), Relton C, Gaunt T, Ring S, Evans D. Accessible Resource for Integrated Epigenomics Studies (ARIES). Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BB/1025751/1). £1,480,134: 2011-2013.

8. Lawlor DA (PI), Nelson S, Sattar N, Tilling K, Tobias J, Relton C, Owen-Smith A, Donovan J, Kuh D, Ring S, Davey Smith G, Propper C, Smith S, Beesley I, Fraser A. The menopausal transition and healthy ageing and wellbeing. Joint UK Research Council Funded as part of the Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Phase 3 initiative (G1001357).  £1,502,949: 2011- 2016.

9. Lawlor DA (PI), Kipping RR, Jago R, Campbell R, Chittleborough C, Mytton J, Peters T, Noble S. Active for Life Year 5: A cluster randomised controlled trial of a primary school-based intervention to increase levels of physical activity, decrease sedentary behaviour and improve diet. NIHR Public Health Research Programme (09/3005/04).  £1,464,457: 2011-2015.

10. Lawlor DA (PI), Fraser A, Davey Smith G, Tilling K, Tobias J, Ring S, Nelson S, Sattar N, Relton C, Palmer TM. The relationship of the menopausal transition to healthy ageing and chronic disease risk. Wellcome trust Programme grant (WT092830M). £1,226,786: 2011-2015.

11. Gaunt TR (PI), Day IN, Campbell C, Casas JP. A systems approach to the classification of genes impacting the cardiovascular phenome. Medical Research Council.  £310,320: 2011-2014.

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12. Lawlor DA (PI), Davey Smith G, Evans D, Tilling K, Lathrop M, Ring S, Timpson N, Glaser B, Gaunt T, McArdle W.  Genome-wide association study of maternal pregnancy phenotypes and later-life maternal and offspring vascular and metabolic phenotypes.  Wellcome Trust (WT 088806).  £2,306,620: 2010-2013.

13. Davey Smith G (PI), Wojcicki A.  Genotyping of ALSPAC cohort. 23andMe. £2 million: 2010-2012.

14. Davey Smith G (joint-PI), Relton C (joint-PI). Genomic and Epigenomic Complex Disease Epidemiology (GEoCoDE). EU FP7 IRSES. €875,000: 2010-2014.

15. Lawlor DA (PI), Sorensen T, Day C, Clement K.  Occurrence and Determinants of adolescent Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD).  Work Package in FP7 funded Fatty Liver: Inhibition of Progression (FLIP) programme.  EU FP7 programme (241762). €185,776: 2010-2013.



16. Rodriguez S (PI), Day I, Donovan J, Lane A, Cox A, Hamdy F, Neal D. Genetic basis of low  PSA levels in the general population and implications for prostate cancer screening and diagnosis: a pilot nested within the ProtecT study. Cancer Research UK (6/4/2009).  £38,621: 2009-2010.

17. Lawlor DA (PI), Davey Smith G, Molloy L, Tilling K. The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children: enhancement of a detailed biomedical resource with obstetric and perinatal data from medical records. Wellcome Trust (WT 087997).  £185, 583: 2009-2012.

18. Timpson N (PI), Davey Smith G, Lindgren C, Jain M, Pettersson F.Validation and Replication of Variants in Predicted microRNA Binding Sites and their Effect on mRNA Expression Levels. Medical Research Council - New Initiative Fund Scheme (Supplementary Centre Award G0600705/93692).  £14,516: 2009-2011.

19. Lawlor DA (PI), Davey Smith G, Callaway M, Ash-Miles J, Day CP. A genome based recall pilot study to compare use of liver enzymes, ultrasound scan and magnetic resonance imaging for identifying non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in epidemiological studies. Medical Research Council - New Initiative Fund Scheme (Supplementary Centre Award G0600705/93692).  £58,413: 2009-2011

20. Timpson N (PI-sole applicant). Height as a marker for nutritional exposures in early life contributing to the risk of cancer. Pump priming and pilot investigation.  UoB Cancer Research Fund.  £3,000: 2009.

21. Davey Smith G (PI-sole applicant). Integrating genetic and epigenetic measures into India-based projects. Wellcome Trust (089645).  £83,293: 2009-2010.

22. Davey Smith G (PI), Relton C, Lawlor DA, Timpson N, Glaser B, Lewis S, Ring S.  Identification and Validation of Epigeneitc Variation in ALSPAC.  Medical Research Council.  £155,905: 2000-2011.

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23. Lawlor DA (PI), Day C, Callaway M, Fraser A, Davey Smith G, Sattar N. The utility of biomarkers for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in adolescents. Medical Research Council (G0801456).  £523,605: 2008-2011.

24. Lawlor DA (PI), Fraser W, Sattar N, Davey Smith G, Evans DMF, Timpson N, Hypponen ET, Guthrie P, Tobias J. The public health importance of vitamin D: the causal effect of intrauterine and lifetime exposure to vitamin D on metabolic and vascular traits. Medical Research Council (G0701603).  £1,280,074: 2008-2012.

25. Evans D (PI- NIRG).  The effect of common disease associated genetic variants on transcriptomic and early life phenotypes. Medical Research Council (G0800582).  £404,251: 2008-2010.

26. Lawlor DA (PI), Sattar N, Deanfield J, Tilling K, Day INM, Davey Smith G, Ness AR. Obstetric, lifestyle and genetic determinants of atherosclerosis, fat mass, insulin, glucose and lipid levels in early middle-age. British Heart Foundation (SP/07/008/24066). £882,350: 2008-2012.

27. Gaunt T (PI), Day INM, Lawlor DA, Ebrahim S, Davey Smith G, Ben-Shlomo Y, Rodriguez S. Genetic risk factors for cardiovascular disease in the British women’s heart and health study. British Heart Foundation (PG/07/131/24254).  £163,757: 2008-2011.

28. Davey Smith G (PI), Sørensen TIA, Timpson N, Evans D, Frayling T, Nohr E, Burton P, Lathrop M, Hattersley A.  Genome-wide association study of extreme obesity in young adults.  The Wellcome Trust (WT 084762).  £1,055,397: 2008-2009.

29. Davey Smith G (PI), Ring S, McArdle WL, Day I. 1958 Birth Cohort Sample Management Proposal.  Wellcome Trust/Medical Research Council (WT 086159).  Wellcome Trust  (£183,663) and Medical Research Council (£176,595): 2008-2010.



30. Gregg P (Overall PI), Lawlor DA (Programme lead and PI for health outcomes programme), Burgess S (Programme lead and PI for peer support programme), Lewis G Programme lead and PI for behaviours programme), Feinstein L (Programme lead and PI for health education programme), Steele F (Programme lead and PI for methods programme), Propper C, Windmeijer F, Davey Smith G. An examination of the impact of family socio-economic status on outcomes in late childhood and adolescence. Economic and Social Research Council (RES-060-23-0011).  £3,524,210: 2007-2012.

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