Project and programmes grants with MRC CAiTE staff as co-applicants



1. Rasmussen F (PI), Davey Smith G, Norström T, Ramstedt M. The Long-term effects of increased alcohol availability: a natural experiment. Swedish Council for Working life and Social Research Project, 4,030,000 SEK (£376,883.80). 2013-2016.

2. Visscher P (PI), Davey Smith G, Brown M, Goddard ME (Associate Investigators). Exploiting SNP data in epidemiology and genetics through multivariate analysis of complex traits. Australian national Health and Medical Research Council. $460,517.85 (£297,094.47). 2013-2016

3. Dodds J (Chief Investigator A; equivalent to PI), Lawlor DA (CI-B), Yelland L (CI-C), Wittert G (CI-D), Robinson J (CI-e). The contribution of maternal obesity and gestational weight gain to preschool child obesity: Long-term follow-up of the LIMIT RCT. Australian National Health & Medicine Research Council (NHMRC). AU$ 1.7M. 2013-2018.

4. Linden D (PI), O’Donovan M, Holmans P, Pockington A, Zammit S, Singh K, Jones D, Davey Smith G. Behavioural and neurophysiological effects of schizophrenia risk genes. Medical Research Council. £789.477. 2013-2016.

5. Spector TW (PI), Hart DJ, Hammond CJ, Davey Smith G, Burton P. Twins UK (2012-2015) – An Epidemiological and Genomic resource. Wellcome Trust £1.5million. 2012-2015.

6. C Gregson, J Tobias, G Davey Smith (sponsors).  Mapping phenotypic to genetic variability in the High Bone Mass Study.  Arthritis Research UK.  £355,425.84. 2013-2018.

7. Farrah D (PI), Wright J, Fairley L, Tuffnell D, Griffin S, Sculpher M, Lawlor DA, Bland JM, Sheldon T, Whitelaw DC. A clinical and economic evaluation of screening and diagnostic tests to identify and treat women with gestational diabetes: association between maternal risk factors, glucose levels, and adverse outcomes. National Institute of Health Research Health Technology Assessment (HTA) (11/99/02). £271,625:2013-2016.



7. Næss O (PI), Strand H, Thelle DS, Lawlor DA, Graff-Iversen S, MortensenL, Tell G, Davey Smith G. Socioeconomic inequalities in cardiovascular disease risk over the life course and in different generations. Norwegian Research Council. NOR 2012-2015: £380,000.

8. Chaturvedi N (PI), Relton C, Hughes A, Tillin T, Davey Smith G, Frayling T, Ebrahim S, Elliott H. Do epigenetic markers contribute to the excess risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease in Indian Asians?  Wellcome Trust (082464/Z/07/C. £196,086. 2012-1013. 

9. Gilbert R (PI), Hamdy F, Neal D, Davey Smith G (co-applicants), Martin R, Metcalfe C, Tilling K (supervisors).  Improving the detection of localised prostate cancer by combining longitudinal reference ranges, clinical prediction rules and genetic information.  Cancer Research UK. 2012-2015.

10. Gunnell D (PI), Lewis G, Hawton K, Heron J, Macleod J, Crane C, Tilling T, Davey Smith G. Self-harm with and without suicidal intent in adolescence: causes and consequences - the ALSPAC cohort. Medical Research Council. £211,248. 2012-2014.

11. Ebrahim S (PI), Hingorani A, Timspon N, Dudbridge F, Kinra S, Relton C, Davey Smith G. Genetic and epigenetic determinants of obesity and diabetes in India. Wellcome Trust. £195,000. 2012-2013

12. Munafò M (PI), Davey Smith G, Hickman M, Lewis G, Macleod J. Using Mendelian Randomisation to Establish the Causal Role of Cigarette Smoking in Anxiety and Depression.  Medical Research Council. £110,594. 2012-2013.

13. Martin RM (PI), Holly JMP, Donovan J, Gunnell D, Lewis S, Palmer T, Davey Smith G. The causal role of the nutritionally regulated insulin-like growth factor system in prostate cancer: Mendelian randomization study. World Cancer Research Fund (2011/419). £224,387: 2012-2015.

14. Barker E (PI), Mill J, Davey Smith G, Maughan B, Relton C. Epigenetic pathways to conduct problem trajectories: the role of prenatal and environmental risk exposures. NIH/NICHD. £1,100,000: 2012-2016.

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15. Nelson S (PI), Lawlor DA, Sattar N, Lindsay R, Ring S, McConnachie A, Tilling K. Maternal thyroid status and offspring development. Chief Scientist Officer of Scotland (ETM/97). £222,383: 2011-2013.

16. Nelson S (PI), Sattar N, Lindsay R, Lawlor DA, Davey Smith G, Ring S, Tilling K. Do measures in cord blood predict long term offspring phenotype. Wellcome Trust (WT094311MA). £250,000: 2011-2014.

17. Jago R (PI), Lawlor DA, Thompson J, Sebire A. PROACTIV:-PaRental influences On physical ACTIVity and screen viewing in young children. British Heart Foundation. £237,731: 2011-2014.

18. Martin R (PI), Oaken E, Kramer M, Gillman M, Kleinman K, Yang S, Davey Smith G, Owen C, Henderson J. Breastfeeding RCT: Adolescent Neurocognitive and Respiratory Function. US National Institutes of Health (R01 HD050758-04). $1.81 million: 2011- 2015.

19. Fitzpatrick N (PI), Ness A, Albery L, Davey Smith G, Ireland T, Ring S, Rumsey N, Sandy J, Thomas S. The Healing Foundation UK Cleft Gene Bank. The Healing Foundation. £2,396,169: 2011-2016.

20. Heckman JJ, Davey Smith G. Understanding health across the lifecourse: an integrated developmental approach. European Research Council Advanced Grant. (Co-Investigator Award) €2,490, 412: 2011-2015.

21. Fletcher A (PI), Young I, Chakravarthy U, Nitsch D, Davey Smith G. Genetic predictors of blood antioxidant levels and the risk of AMD. Macular Degeneration Society. £45,777: 2011-2012.

22. Cussens J (PI), Burton P, Davey Smith G, Sheehan N. A graphical model approach to pedigree construction using contrained optimisation. Medical Research Council. £446,718: 2011-2014.

23. Burton P (PI), Davey Smith G, McArdle W, Murtagh M, Ring SM. The 1958 Birth Cohort Biomedical Resource - facilitating access to data and samples and enhancing future utility. Medical Research Council. £1,489,639: 2011-2014.

24. St Pourcain B (PI), Davey Smith G, Plomin R, Hakonarson H, Skuse DH, Franks PW, Haworth CMA, Davis OSP, Wang K, Ronald A. Genetic variation and gene-environmental influences in autistic-like traits. Austism Speaks. $109,745: 2011-2013.

25. Durbin RM (PI), Barrett J, Palotie A, Barroso I, Hurles M, Soranzo N, Zeggini E, Spector T, Farooqi IS, O'Rahilly SP, Davey Smith G. 10,000 UK genome sequences: accessing the role of rare genetic variants in health and disease. Wellcome Trust (WT091310/Z/10/Z) £10,423,000: 2011-2014.

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26. Sattar N (PI), Lawlor DA, Wallace M, Welsh P, Ben-Shlomo Y, Ebrahim S, Wannamethee SG, Whincup P, Morris R. Vitamin D as a (causal) determinant of insulin resistance and diabetes? An analysis of three UK based prospective studies. Diabetes UK. (10/0004071) £195,540: 2010-2013.

27. Tavaré J (PI), Day I, Lawlor DA. Dysfunction of insulin signalling in type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease: a molecular and genetic pathway approach. British Heart Foundation. £258,834: 2010-2013.

28. Adams L (PI),  Olynyh J, Beilin L, Pennell C, Oddy W, Mccaskie P, Lawlor DA. Risk factors for the development of NAFLD beyond insulin resistance: genetic, development and environmental influences (66445). Australian National Health and Medical Research Council. Aus $641,125: 2010-2013.

29. Martin R (PI), Jeffreys M, Palmer T. Vitamin D and Calcium supplementation and risk of cancer in women. British Medical Association (Gunton Award). £34,803: 2010-2013.

30. Hingorani A (PI), Casas JP, Kumari M, Kimivaki M, Humphries SE, Juh D, Hypponen E, Power C, Morris RW, Ebrahim S, Whincup PH, Price J, Gaunt T, Ben-Shlomo Y, Day I, Lawlor DA, Davey Smith G, Caulfield M. Programme in Applied and Translational Cardiovascular Genomics (ATCG): The UCL-London-School-Edinburgh-Bristol (UCLEB) consortium of population base prospective studies. British Heart Foundation Programme Grant. £970,230: 2010-2015.

31. Deanfield JE (PI), Davey Smith G, Sattar N, Muthurangu V. The impact of adiposity on risk profiles and the emerging arterial phenotype in the young. British Heart Foundation (RG/101004128). £473,756: 1st July 2010 for 5 years.

32. Vrijheid M (PI), (Co-applicants in alphabetical order: Davey Smith G, de Jongste J, Jaddoe V, Kogevinas M, Lawlor DA, Lucas P, Machenbach J, Magnus P, Merletti F, Nieuwenhuisen P, Nybo-Andersen A-M, Raat H, Stoltenberg C, Sunyer J), Developing a Child Cohort Research Strategy for Europe (CHiCOS) programme. EUFP7 (ECFP7-HEALTH-F2-2009-241604), €1,490,124:2010-2013.

33. Santos AC (PI), Lawlor DA, Barros H. Desenvolvimento da obesidade e da síndrome metabólica na infância (Development of obesity and the metabolic syndrome in infancy). Portuguese Research Council (PTDC/SAU-ESA/105033/2008), €180,000: 20010-2013.

34. Sorensen T (PI), Lawlor DA. Body weight and shape as determinants of risk of NAFLD in adults. Work Package in EU FP7 funded Fatty Liver: Inhibition of Progression (FLIP) programme. €349,873: January 2010-December 2012.

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35. Relton C (PI), Davey Smith G, Lawlor DA, Timpson N, Glaser B, Lewis S, Ring S. Identification and Validation of Epigenetic Variation in  ALSPAC. Medical Research Council - New Initiative Fund (Supplementary Centre Award G0060705/89237). £155,905: 2009-2011.

36. Macleod J (PI), Davey Smith G, Hickman M, Henderson AJ, Boyd AW, Darvill D, Sterne JAC, Salisbury C, Gregg P, Ness AR,  Hillsdon M, Lewis G, Lyons R, Delaney B, Sullivan F, Hobbs R, Purdy S, Taweel A, Campbell R, Stoltenberg C, Annett H, Ford D, Snell P, Burton PR, Maughan B. Influences on psychosocial and physical health in early adulthood: phenotypic enrichment of the ALSPAC cohort through linkage to primary care electronic patient records and other databases.  Wellcome Trust (WT 086118). £1,686,058: 2009-2013.

37. Munafò M (PI), Davey Smith G, Day I. Characterising patterns and determinants of smoking initiation in adolescence. Wellcome Trust (WT 086684).  £620,016: 2009-2011.

38. Ebrahim S (PI), Reddy KS, Patel V, Fletcher A, Mabey D, Davey Smith G, Costello A, Prince M. South asia centre for chronic diseases. Wellcome Bloomsbury Centre for Tropical Medicine & University of Bristol, Public Health Foundation of India, (WT 084774). £4,502,816: 2009-2013.

39. Palmer L (PI), Pennell C, Beilin L, Lye S, Newnham J. Davey Smith G. A genome-wide search for genes underlying the developmental origins of health and disease. 1st January 2009 for 3 years.  Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (572613). Aus $989,500: 2009-2011.

40. Hickman M (PI), Davey Smith G, Day INM, Lewis G, Macleod J, Munafo M, Sterne JAC, Tilling K, Timpson N. ALSPAC and adolescent substance use trajectories: consolidation of a UK research source. Medical Research Council (G0802736). £152,902: 2009-2011.

41. Frayling TM (PI), Freathy RM, Hattersley A, Metzger B, Lowe B, Davey Smith G. Defining the roles and mechanisms of type 2 diabetes, obesity and hyperglycaemia genes in fetal growth.  Diabetes UK (08/0003692). £210,036: 2009-2011:

42. Jebb S (PI), Lindroos KA, Emmett P, Davey Smith G. Dietary determinants of fat mass in adolescents. World Cancer Research Fund International (2008/31). £93,863: 2009 -2011.

43. Pasco J (PI), Nicholson G, Kotowicz M, Henry M, Evans D. Geelong Osteoporosis Study: Fracture risk prediction based on twenty years of prospective data.  Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (628582). Aus $910,400: 2009-2011.

44. Brown MA (PI), Xu H, Evans D. MHC genetics of ankylosing spondylitis. Australian National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (569829). Aus $545,000: 2009-2011.

45. Lewis SJ (PI), Lawlor DA, Davey Smith G, Gunnell DJ, Ness AR.  Does mother’s dietary intake during pregnancy influence brain development and therefore cognitive ability?  Wellcome Trust (WT 084668). £167,061: 2009-2012.

46. Lashen H (PI), Dunger DB, McCarthy M, Franks S, Ong K, Davey Smith G, Jarvelin MR.  The prevalence of hyperandrogenism in teenage girls: developmental origins and association with cardiovascular risk.  Wellcome Trust (089549/Z/09/Z). £262,961: 2009 -2012.

47. Sattar N (PI), Lawlor DA, Wright J, Freeman DJ, West J. The intrauterine environment and differences in adiposity and insulin resistance between south Asian and European populations. British Heart Foundation (PG/09/036/2738). £144,001: 2009-2012.

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48. Wright J (PI), 11 equal co-applicants listed in alphabetical order on application: Bhopal R, Cameron N, Farrin A, Hill A, House A, Lawlor DA, Raynor P, Sahota P, Small N, Summerbell C, West R. Development and evaluation of interventions for the prevention of childhood obesity in a multi-ethnic population: the born in Bradford NHS Research Programme. National Institute for Health Research (RP-PG-0407-10044). £1,999,300: 2008-2012.

49. Hardy R (PI), Matthews F, Kuh D, Lawlor DA, Aihie Sayer A, Benzeval M. Measurement and modeling of functional trajectories across the life course (cross-unit appointments). Medical Research Population Health Science Research Network (U.1230.00.004.00002.01). £280,134: 2008-2011.

50. Brown M (PI), Eismn J, Evans D, Jones G, Nicholson G, Prince R, Seeman E, Uitterlinden A. Australian genome-wide study of osteoporosis. Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (511132). Aus $763,850: 2008-2011.

51. Hickman M (PI), Day INM, Hall W, Lewis G, Munafò MR, Gregg PA, Sterne JAC, Barnes J, Vignoles A, Macleod J, Zammit S, Lewis SJ, Wiles NJ, Lynskey M, Campbell RM, Heron J, Nutt D, Davey Smith G, Lingford Hughes A, Maughan B, Tilling K.  Causal pathways to substance use and dependence in young people.  Medical Research Council (G0800612). £519,844: 2008-2011.

52. Campbell H (PI), Theodoratou E, Dunlop M, McKeigue P, Davey Smith G, Farrington SM. A Mendelian randomisation study of vitamin D on colorectal cancer risk. Chief Scientist Office (CZ8/4/529).  £224,342: 2008-2011.

53. Gray R (PI), Golding J, Lewis S, Nutt D, Davey Smith G, Alati R, Draper E, Barrow M, Fraser R.  Effects of prenatal alcohol consumption and alcohol metabolising genes on child growth and neurodevelopment in the ALSPAC study.  Wellcome Trust      (WT 083506).  £132,869: 2008-2010.

54. Ebrahim S (PI), Day INM, Davey Smith G, Whittaker JC, Kinra S.  Environmental and genetic determinants of obesity and diabetes in India.  Wellcome Trust (WT 083541). £351,136: 2008-2010.

55. Newby PK (PI), Ness AR, Emmett P, Northstone K, Benfield L, Davey Smith G. Milk, dairy products, and calcium intakes in children: prospective associations with body mass composition measured using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. American Diabetic Association (7-08-JF-41). US $351,952: 2008-2011.

56. Brown MA (PI), Evans D. Genome-wide association studies in ankylosing spondylitis. Wellcome Trust (WT 084767). £73,925: 2008-2009.

57. Kuh D (PI), Ben-Shlomo Y, Hardy R, Deary I, Richards M, Day I, Sayer A, Gale C, von Zglincki T. A life course approach to healthy ageing: capitalising on the value of UK life course cohorts. New dynamics of ageing, cross-Research Councils Economic and Social Research Council (RES_535_25_0001). £1,372,243.00: 2008-2012.

58. Emond A (PI), Bolea B, Glaser B, Davey Smith G, Griffiths M.  The antecedents and consequences of gambling behaviour in adolescence: a prospective population study.  RigT. £114,200: 2008-2010.

59. Tobias J (PI), Davey Smith G, C Riddoch, J Rittweger. Investigation of the influence of habitual level of vigorous physical activity on skeletal strength in late adolescence. Wellcome Trust  (WT 084632). 2008-2011: £425,000.

60. Lewis G (PI), Jones P, Ramchandani P,Thapar A, Fernyhough C, Stansfield S, Wolke  D, Bentall RP, Murray L, Davey Smith G, Maughan B. Depression at 17: ALSPAC. Wellcome Trust (WT 084268). £648,184: 2008-2011

61. Stephen A (PI), Davey Smith G, Emmett P, Hardy R.  Eating behaviours: tracking through the lifecourse and impact on chronic disease. Medical Research Council (G0701939). £310,222: 2008-2010.

62. Martin RM (PI), Donovan J, Hamdy F, Neal D, Metcalfe C, Lane A, Lewis S, Davey Smith G, Smith AD, Refsum H. Association of factors in the folate metabolic pathway with prostate cancer incidence and progression. World Cancer Research Fund (2007/07). £147,971: 2008-2011.



63. Sheehan N (PI), Didelez V, Lawlor DA, Sterne JAC, Thompson JR, Windmeijer F. Inferring Epidemiological Causality using Mendelian Randomisation. Medical Research Council (G0601625). £476,228: 2007-2010.

64. Martin R (PI), Donovan J, Hamdy F, Neal D, Lane A, Metcalfe C,  Fraser ED, Davey Smith G. Association of circulating vitamin D metabolite levels with incidence and progression of screen-detected prostate cancer. World Cancer Research Fund (2006/15). £149,367: 2007-2010.

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