MRC CAiTE fellowships, studentships and capacity building grants



1. Davey Smith G (PI). Molecular Epidemiology.  Postdoctoral fellowships in molecular epidemiology.  Oak Foundation (OCAY-12-325). 2012-2016: £840,000.

2. Macdonald-Wallis C (Postdoctoral fellow), Lawlor DA (co-supervisor), Tilling K (co-supervisor). Identification of normal and at risk trajectories of blood pressure in pregnancy in relation to offspring perinatal health and childhood development. Medical Research Council Health Services and Health of the Public Research Fellowship. £345, 701: 2012-2016.

3. Paternoster L (Postdoctoral fellow), Evans D (co-supervisor), Henderson J (co-supervisor). The genetic epidemiology of atopic dermatitis. Medical Research Council (MRC Population Health Scientist Fellowship Scheme). (MR/J012165/1). £477,733: 2012-2016

4. Brion M-J (Postdoctoral fellow), Davey Smith G (co-supervisor), Lawlor DA (co-supervisor), Hirschhorn J (co-supervisor). Determining novel causal risk factors for CVD from early life to adulthood: An original genome-wide Mendelian Randomization approach. Fondation Leducq Transatlantic Career Development Award. €350,000 (~£340,000). 2012-2015.



5. Timpson NJ (PI- sole applicant). Genomewide Sequencing Workshop - hosted by the MRC Centre for Causal Analyses in Translational Epidemiology. The European Child Cohort Network EUCCONET. €15,000: 16-17 March 2011.

6. Cartwright R (Postdoctoral fellow), Bennett P, Whalley A, Khular V (co- supervisors at main centre), Lawlor DA (co-supervisor for work undertaken at MRC CAiTE; second centre), Spector T (co-supervisor for work completed at King's College London; third centre). The Genetic Basis of Urinary Incontinence in Women. Medical Research Council Clinical Research Training Fellowship.  £244,701: 2011-2013.

7. Howe LD (Postdoctoral fellow), Lawlor DA (co-supervisor), Tilling K (co-supervisor). Longitudinal modelling of adiposity, its determinants and its health consequences across childhood and adolescence. Medical Research Council Health Services and Health of the Public Research Fellowship. £394,264: 2011-2015.

8. Tobias J, Dieppe P, Davey Smith G (S Baker Clinical PhD Studentship). Characterisation of osteoarthritis phenotype in a unique multi-centre cohort of individuals with extremely high bone mass. Arthritis Research UK. £164,748: 1st August 2011-31st July 2014.



9. Santos AC (Postdoctoral fellow), Barros H (Main Supervisor), Lawlor DA (co-supervisor ). Desenvolvimento da obesidade na infância (Development of obesity in infancy). Portuguese Research Council, €225,000: 2010-2013.

10. Zuccolo L (Post Doctoral  Research Fellow), Davey Smith G (Main Supervisor).  Prenatal alcohol exposure, childhood development and teenage drinking: a study of trans-generational effects. Medical Research Council. £417,352: 2010 – 2014.

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11. Jago R (Research fellow), Lawlor DA (Main Supervisor), Fox K (co-supervisor). Parental and home environment influences on youth physical activity and screen-viewing: Preventing childhood obesity. NIHR Career Development Fellowship, £379,000: 2009-2014.

12. Day I (PI), plus a consortium of supervisors.  Funding to establish a capacity building doctoral training centre populations, pathways and molecules: mathematical and statistical approaches (10 four (1+3) year Ph.D. studentships (BCSBmed). Medical Research Council, £823,100: 2009-2014.

13. Day I (PI), Rodriguez S, Overseas PhD studentship to Osama Al-Ghamdi.  Saudi Arabian Department of Education. £80,700: 2009-2012.

14. Galobardes B (Research Fellow) Davey Smith G (Main Supervisor), Henderson J (2nd Supervisor).  Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellowship in life course inequalities in asthma: estimating its burden  and the understanding of its aetiology. Wellcome Trust,  £329,640: 2009-2014.

15. Davey Smith G (PI – sole applicant). Colston Research Society Symposium: The New Genomics: Public Health, Social and Clinical Implications. Wellcome Trust.  £5000: 2009.

16. Lambert H (Sponsor), Davey Smith G (Co-supervisor). ESRC/MRC Interdisciplinary Fellowship for Caroline Wilson. £144,662: 2009-2011.



17. Fraser A (Postdoctoral fellow), Lawlor DA (Main supervisor), Windmeijer F (Second supervisor). Obstetric, lifestyle and genetic determinants of vascular and metabolic traits in women in early middle-age. Medical Research Council Health Services and Health of the Public Research Fellowship. £336,579: 2008-2012.

18. Brion MJ (Postdoctoral fellow), Davey Smith G (CAiTE Supervisor), Lawlor DA (CAiTE Supervisor), Victora C, Hirschhorn J, Lewis SJ, Pena S, Sterne J, Matijasevich A. Public health consequences of modifiable maternal exposures: offspring obesity and cognitive health in two cohorts in the UK and Brazil. Wellcome Trust (Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship). £250 000: 2008-2012.

19. Freathy R (Postdoctoral fellow), Frayling T, Hattersley A, Davey Smith G (CAiTE Supervisor), Lawlor DA (CAiTE Supervisos), Metzger BE, Cox NJ. Maternal and offspring genetics in fetal and childhood growth. Wellcome Trust (Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship). £250 000: 2008-2012.

20. Davey Smith G, Martin R, Day INM.  Molecular, genetic and lifecourse epidemiology. PhD programme to provide 3 PhD students per year for 6 years. Wellcome Trust.  £2.9 million, 2008-2012.



21. Day INM, Gaunt TR.  PhD project: datamining developments to identify members of a newly defined category of QTLs: splice-translational efficiency polymorphisms (STEPS), Medical Research Council capacity building studentship in bioinformatics. £79,012: 2007-2011.

22. Gregson CL (Postdoctoral Fellow), Tobias J (First Supervisor), Davey Smith G (Second Supervisor). Investigation of the epidemiology and heritability of high bone mass. Wellcome Trust, £405,008: 2007-2010.

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