Human activity has become a geologic-scale force affecting all corners of our planet. This force manifests itself in a changing water cycle with significant implications for society and our ecosystem. We experience changing hydrologic extremes such as floods and droughts under a changing climate, our water quality is declining due to our efforts to feed and house a growing population, and conflict is growing over a dwindling freshwater resource with new challenges for water management.

The University of Bristol offers world leading research, training and innovation in hydrology, biogeochemistry and water resources. Our aim is to transform the evidence base that environmental decision making in a changing and deeply uncertain world is based on.

To achieve this aim we build cutting edge hydrologic models from local to global scales, we monitor the environment at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution, and we link deep process knowledge with the analysis of human behavior to gain new insights into the coupled socio-hydrological system.


Contact the water research theme leads

Professor Thorsten Wagener from the Water Engineering Group and Professor Jim Freer from the Hydrology group lead the Water research community at the University of Bristol. Please contact Thorsten Wagener for information about Water research at the Cabot Institute.

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If you are a member of academic staff or student at the University of Bristol working in the area of Water research, you can sign up to our water list to stay up to date with all water related opportunities, funding and events. Email cabot-enquiries@bristol.ac.uk and ask to be added to the cabot-water email list.

GW4 Alliance

The University of Bristol is proudly part of the GW4 Water Security Alliance

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