Urban ID

Developing integrated diagnostics for urban living challenges in Bristol

Cities and urban areas drive innovation, creativity and growth. In the UK, 80% of us live in them. By 2050 nearly three-quarters of the global population will live them. Successful cities are critical to the future of humankind.

The aim of this pilot project is to create a novel Integrated Diagnostics Framework and methods to address several key urban challenges.  This framework will bring together multiple viewpoints from across the study area to reduce fragmentation and conflicts around how to create a more resilient, healthy, prosperous and sustainable city.  The framework will be used to diagnose complex problems across four ‘Challenge Themes’: Mobility & Accessibility, Health & Happiness, Equality & Inclusion and the ‘Carbon Neutral’ city.

Forging a partnership between the City of Bristol and the neighbouring South Gloucestershire urban area, the project is being backed by these two local authorities plus Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Bristol Health Partners, the LEP, the local business community, citizen groups, and academics from across both Universities of Bristol and the West of England.

For more detailed information see the Urban ID website.

Quick facts

  • Urban ID is one of only five RCUK/Innovate Urban Living Partnership pilot projects.
  • The project will embed cross-disciplinary integration of socio-technical thinking in co-production, learning journeys, resilience and systems.
  • There will be a high degree of multi-stakeholder participation from public, private and voluntary sector organisations across the Bristol City and South Gloucester local authority areas.

Take part in this project

This is an open project, please contact us if you would like to get involved. We are particularly keen to work with local organisations and communities.


This project is funded by Research Councils UK and Innovate UK.

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