Cabot Press Gang

The Cabot Press Gang has been set up to help communicate the work of Cabot Institute researchers across a variety of platforms including the national and international press and the Cabot Institute blog.

The Gang consists of a group of postgraduates and post-docs who do environmental research across the faculties of the University of Bristol.  

Why join the Cabot Press Gang?

We can offer you:  

 If you would like to join the Cabot Press Gang, please contact

Several of our press gang members have gone on to jobs in science communication in design, media and publishing agencies.

Your Press Gang reps

If you have a paper which has been accepted, please contact your departmental rep so that we can work with the University of Bristol press office to get your work seen by the press.  Feel free to contact your rep with any news items or potential press releases.

We are always looking for more press gang reps, especially those in Engineering, Social Sciences and Law, and Med and Vet.  Contact for more info or to join.