John Beddington

Sir John Beddington is perhaps best known for his work in the field of population biology and for his time in the role of Government Chief Scientific Adviser (2008-2013). During that tenure, he advised on several major events including the 2009 outbreak of swine flu and the Fukushima power plant emergency. The Cabot Institute has been delighted to work with Sir John, who stepped down as Chair of the Cabot Institute External Advisory Board in April 2017.

Stepping down as Chair of the CIEAB does not mark the end of Sir John’s relationship with Cabot as he intends to keep closely in touch with the Institute and its members.

During the past 4 years of his chairship of the CIEAB, Sir John has spent time meeting researchers of all career stages, attracting high powered advisors and advocating for the Cabot Institute. His support has played a huge role in the institute’s successes.

 “I first worked with members of the Cabot Institute whilst Chief Scientific Advisor to Government during the Icelandic volcanic eruption of 2010. Since joining Cabot as Chair, I have seen it grow to become a notable player. It has made a major contribution to the city of Bristol, but also around the world through its award-winning work.” Sir John reflected.

Professor Rich Pancost, Director of the Cabot Institute, noted “We are extremely grateful for all that Sir John has done for us. It is fitting that his departure comes just after a 5-star external review of the Institute, as it is the perfect moment to reflect on our successes in his term and to pave the way for an ambitious 5 years to come under Dame Julia’s leadership”.

A picture of Sir John Beddington
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