Cabot team

  • Rich Pancost 142px Rich, Director, +44 (0)117 331 7244.

    Rich Pancost is a Professor of Biogeochemistry and conducts research on how organisms mediate our planet’s chemical environment and how their molecular signatures can be used to reconstruct Earth’s past climate. He uses these findings to better understand the Earth system, from the controls on arsenic mobilisation in SE Asian aquifers to the sensitivity of Earth's climate to greenhouse gas forcing.  He also uses these approaches to identify and explore the unknown unknowns – the deep uncertainty in predicting biogeochemcial responses to rapid global warming and the sustainability of ecosystems on which we depend.  He co-founded the Global Change Theme in 2008, became its lead in 2010 with the launch of the Cabot Institute and in 2013 became the Institute's Director. 

  • Hayley Shaw Hayley, Cabot Institute Manager, +44 (0)117 42 82491

    Hayley Manages and coordinates the Cabot Institute -helping to connect people across disciplines and sectors, support them to catalyse new ideas, and to support the translation of those ideas into real-world impact, funding, and profile. She also plays a role in supporting the student experience (with a seat on the BristolHub Advisory Board) and suporting the University's Sustainability Steering Group. Hayley was previously the knowledge exchange theme leader for a £1.8m horizon scanning and futures project (funded by Defra, the FSA, the Environment Agency and others). Within this project she conducted regular horizon scans on emerging risks and opportunities for Government Agencies and Departments - particularly in relation to consumer behaviour and the environment. She brings experience in the design and delivery of ‘pathways to impact’ research plans, using stakeholder engagement, events, reports and online tools as key delivery mechanisms. She has authored a number of documents for policy teams, and delivered training to Government Departments and Agencies through this knowledge exchange activity.

    Whilst her most recent work has been in 'all things environmental and risk', Hayley also has a BSc in Physiology and Pharmacology, an MSc by Research in social networks analysis, and remains fascinated by the science and practice of what makes knowledge sharing between disciplines and practice work.

  • Amanda, Administrator, +44 (0)11742 82486

    Having provided varied support within Universities for almost a decade, Amanda is able to assist with a wide variety of enquiries. She has supported 100s of events, from small workshops to large public lectures that have filled the Great Hall, and as such is the first point of contact for event coordination, as well as travel bookings, financial queries and catering orders.

  • Amanda Woodman-Hardy 142px Amanda W-H, Coordinator, +44 (0)117 42 82485

    PA/first point of contact to director Prof Rich Pancost for diary management; event coordination, communications coordinator including web, social media, press gang and admin.

  • Vicky Jones Vicky, Institute Development Associate, +44 (0)117 42 82487

    Vicky will provide advice and guidance for the preparation of major or strategic research bids, support the research themes, advise and assist with impact and engagement activities, manage the Innovation Fund, and act as a critical link between Faculties and RED’s broader activities.

    Vicky Joined the Cabot Institute in November 2016, following eight years working in the research policy team at HEFCE and also as Deputy Manager for REF 2014. Prior to working at HEFCE, Vicky was a member of the Engineering team at EPSRC supporting researchers submitting medical engineering proposals and managing the peer review process.

    Vicky obtained a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the Organic Geochemistry Unit at the University of Bristol in 2002. The work focused on the routing and synthesis of amino acids between diet and bone collagen and applications to paleodietary reconstruction.

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