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A satellite view of volcanoes finds the link between ground deformation and eruption

3 April 2014

Using satellite imagery to monitor which volcanoes are deforming provides statistical evidence of their eruption potential, according to a new study led by Cabot Institute members at the University of Bristol.

World leading hydrologist visiting Bristol

2 April 2014

Prof. Chris Duffy from the Pennsylvania State University will visit the University of Bristol on a Benjamin Meaker Professorship in the autumn.

Cabot Institute experts in public eye following publication of 2nd IPCC report

2 April 2014

Members of the Cabot Institute have been interviewed on TV and in the press for comments on the publication of the 2nd IPCC report.

Bristol scientists contribute to latest IPCC report on the impact of global warming on ecosystems and human systems

31 March 2014

Members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group II will publish their first update in seven years on the scale of impacts, adaptations and vulnerabilities to climate change at a meeting in Yokohama, Japan today.

Urine-power experts reinvent the toilet

19 March 2014

A smart toilet, called Urine-tricity, which aims to help bring sanitation to those who need it most, will be showcased at an event in India to improve sanitation and health.

New drone-based system set to dramatically improve safety of dealing with nuclear hazards

18 March 2014

A new and much-needed remote system to safely and accurately assess dangerous nuclear accident sites has been awarded funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering to help it move out of the Bristol science lab where it was developed and turn it into reality.

Bristol and NASA issue call for international co-operation on global-scale flood model

17 March 2014

Professor Paul Bates and Dr. Jeff Neal of the School of Geographical Sciences Bristol along with colleagues at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab have today issued a call in the journal Nature for international co-operation to develop a high resolution and accuracy global Digital Elevation Model (DEM) in order to strengthen protection against damaging floods.

Regional warming triggers sustained mass loss in Northeast Greenland ice sheet

16 March 2014

The longest glacier in Greenland is continuing to lose mass despite temperatures in the region returning to more typical values after a localised increase, a study published today in Nature Climate Change has found.

Closer collaboration between the University of Bristol and the National Nuclear Laboratory

12 March 2014

The University of Bristol and the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory have signed a statement of intent to work more closely to explore opportunities in joint research, R&D and training, which will provide support to industry aligned with the Government’s Nuclear Industrial Strategy.

Parasitology expert presents climate change report to British and Uzbek Round Table

11 March 2014

Cabot Institute member, Dr Eric Morgan, attends an Uzbek and British government Round Table to discuss the results of his report on the effects of climate change on parasite transmission in livestock.