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Bristol Bright Night illuminates city science

1 August 2014

Bristol’s streets are set to be transformed into a living laboratory of innovation and experimentation as Bristol Bright Night sweeps through the city for the very first time.

Solar ‘super-storms’ pose a catastrophic threat to humanity

1 August 2014

Solar ‘super-storms’ pose a catastrophic and long-lasting threat to life on Earth if they continue to go unnoticed, a space expert has warned.

Boat noise impacts development and survival of vital marine invertebrates

31 July 2014

The development and survival of an important group of marine invertebrates known as sea hares is under threat from increasing boat noise in the world's oceans, according to a new study by researchers from the UK and France.

Noise pollution impacts fish species differently

25 July 2014

Acoustic disturbance has different effects on different species of fish, according to a new study from the Universities of Bristol and Exeter which tested fish anti-predator behaviour.

£614,000 to continue exploration beneath Greenland Ice Sheet

18 July 2014

A team of scientists, led by Cabot Institute member Professor Jonathan Bamber at the University of Bristol, have been awarded a £614,000 grant by the Natural Environment Research Council to continue their work on exploration of the 'Greenland Grand Canyon'.

Bristol students win prizes at hydrology conference

15 July 2014

Two Bristol students, in the Department of Civil Engineering and the School of Geographical Sciences respectively, have won prizes at the recent Peter Wolf Early Career Hydrologists’ Symposium at Cardiff University.

Tamsin Edwards highlights importance of a public climate discussion on Sky News

14 July 2014

Cabot Institute member Dr Tamsin Edwards discusses the importance of digital public engagement of climate change on Sky News this week.

Artwork that rocks

14 July 2014

Artist Neville Gabie is to present his work produced at the Cabot institute at WOMAD UK 2014 later this month. This is the first time WOMAD has commissioned artwork for the annual music and arts festival.

A sea change: learning from small islands with big challenges

14 July 2014

Beautiful Caribbean beaches and colourful coral reefs are familiar picture postcard scenes. Despite the idyllic vistas, many of the small islands featured in tourist brochures are faced with a variety of social and environmental challenges posed by their unique geographies.

Artists gather to think creatively about climate and energy

11 July 2014

Local artists gathered at the Cabot Institute yesterday to think creatively about climate and energy as part of a RegenSW workshop.