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Cabot Institute Innovation Fund winners 2016

1 September 2016

Winners of this year's Cabot Institute Innovation Fund, whose funds are aimed at supporting bold, ambitious, and impactful ideas, have been announced.

The Cabot Institute Innovation Fund is an annual open call of approximately £25,000 derived from gifts and donations to the Cabot Institute. Those who apply for funds must reflect the Cabot Institute’s interdisciplinary and engaged research approach, which brings together the social sciences, life and physical sciences and engineering and/or involve non-academic partners. Awards are decided by the Cabot Institute Steering Group which comprises of the Cabot Institute's theme leaders and key individuals in Professional Services.

Once again, like last year, we had some great applications across all the Cabot Institute themes of global change, water, low carbon energy, food security, natural hazards and future cities and communities.

The following were successful in their bid and we would like to congratulate them on their awards.

Kath Baldock (Biological Sciences), Shelly Dewhurst (West of England Naure Partnership), Becky Belfin (Bristol City Council), Janice Gardiner (Avon Wildlife Trust).

Mapping pollinator habitat and identifying conservation opportunities in the Greater Bristol urban area

Laura Evenstar, Steve Sparks, Francis Cooper (Earth Sciences), Peter Hopcroft and Paul Valdes (Geographical Sciences).

Climate change and natural hazards in Afghanistan: implications for sustainable development

Alan Kennedy (Geographical Sciences)

Cabot Cast - The Cabot Institute podcast

Eric Morgan (Veterinary Science), Steffen Zuther (Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan), Sarah Robinson (Zoology Dept, University of Oxford).

Using local knowledge to elucidate co-drivers of disease-induced die-offs in wildlife and livestock under climate change on the Kazakh steppes

Vicki Woolley and Ian Townsend (Bristol Green Capital Partnership), Roger Griffiths (Ujima Radio), Helen Thomas-Hughes (Law School), Helen Manchester (Graduate School of Education) and Kat Wall (Public Engagement).

Green & Black Ambassadors Initiative – Six-Month Pilot

Marianna Dudley (Environmental History) and Bonnie Griffin (Bristol City Museum).

Understanding the Anthropocene: Teaching and Learning about Environmental Change for the Humanities

Jemma Wadham, Jon Hawkings, T Davies-Barnard, Jon Telling, Andy Ridgwell (Geographical Sciences), Alistair Hetherington (Life Sciences).

The power of glacial flour: a new path towards sustainable agriculture and boosted crop production in the developing world


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