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Read our latest position paper '2050: Sustainable oceans in a changing climate'

The Cabot Institute has published a new position paper called '2050: Sustainable oceans in a changing climate'.  The paper was produced from a writing day bringing together academics from multiple disciplines, to make a truly interdisciplinary position paper.

The paper was written by:

Tom Appleby (Law, University of the West of England)

Philippa Bayley (Cabot Institute, University of Bristol)

Dr Martin Genner (Biological Sciences, University of Bristol)

Dr Erica Hendy (Earth Sciences and Biological Sciences, University of Bristol)

Alice Hooker-Stroud (Public Interest Research Centre)

Dr Fanny Monteiro (Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol)

Margherita Pieraccini (Law, University of Bristol)

Steve Simpson (Biological Sciences, University of Bristol).


The world’s oceans are a potentially hugely productive resource. Against a backdrop of climate change, ocean acidification, population growth and poor governance and regulation, it is vital that we change our management strategies to maximise marine resources now, as well as for future generations. Policy and legislation must be more responsive to scientific evidence and reinforce sustainable and efficient practices.

Read the full paper.