Energy access for displaced people

12 October 2017, 12.30 PM - 12 October 2017, 7.00 PM

Owen Grafham, Dr. Mónica García, Alejandra Rojo, Dr. Irene Merino

School of Education. Room 1.20 & 1.21. University of Bristol

Electrical energy is a key staple in the modern world and it would be impossible to imagine the birth of a technology that nowadays we consider as essential without thinking of machines which need electricity to function. However, not every person on the planet has the possibility of using electricity. This is especially relevant for displaced populations forced to live in refugee camps, where energy is still necessary to power small electrical devices to heat water up, obtain light or communicate.

SRUK, in collaboration with the Cabot Institute and Institute for Advanced Studies from the University of Bristol, has organised a free symposium about Energy access for displaced people on 12th October at Bristol (School of Education. Room 1.20 &1.21. University of Bristol) 

Owen Grafham (Chatham House, London), Dr. Mónica García (The IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme, Cheltenham ), Alejandra Rojo (The Innovation and Technology for Development Centre, UPM, Madrid. Spain) and Dr. Irene Merino (Bristol Bioenergy Centre, Bristol) will explain their studies providing insight into this important topic and address solutions from different views. The audience will also have the chance to debate with the speakers in a roundtable and discuss their own studies in a poster session (with a poster prize), allowing for the sharing of ideas to tackle the problem of energy provision and needs for displaced populations.

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