Sorting the Beef from the Bull: The science of food fraud forensics

25 February 2016, 6.00 PM - 25 February 2016, 7.30 PM

Prof Richard Evershed

Peel lecture theatre, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, University Road, Bristol, BS8 1SS

The UK horse meat scandal of 2013 is just one of innumerable cases of food fraud globally. Recent scandals include rat sold as mutton in China, unidentified meat in curries, goat’s cheese made from sheep milk and cheap oriental perch sold as sea bass. Vegetarians and vegans aren't exempt - honey, spices and fruit juices are some of the most adulterated products on the market.

Cabot Institute member Richard Evershed FRS, Professor of Biogeochemistry, University of Bristol, and science writer Nicola Temple, co-authors of the new book Sorting the Beef from the Bull,  discuss some of the century's biggest food scams and the science that helped reveal them, as well as what we can do as consumers to protect ourselves.

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Sorting the beef from the bull book cover

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