Schools University Partnership Initative

Researchers supporting teachers' professional development

As part of the RCUK-funded School-University Partnership Initiative (SUPI), we have been connecting academics with local secondary schools.

A key strand of activity has been Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers.

In partnership with the Cabot Learning Federation, academics delivered sessions about their research that matched topics suggested by teachers.

Sessions took place at their annual teacher conference and “Federation Network Nights”. Using experts at the University to lead the sessions meant teachers gained access to the latest research to help inform their teaching practice.

This is particularly valuable in areas new to the curriculum, where teachers may need to improve their knowledge before teaching the topic.

Helen Angell from the Cabot Learning Federation, who organised the sessions reported how important they were for staff: ‘….it’s about reengaging with your own learning. If we can encourage people to refresh their subject knowledge, but also just take part in research professionally … that’s of real value.’

Our researchers are now regulars in the CPD programme for teachers at the Cabot Learning Federation and we will continue to support researchers and teachers to work in partnership and share learning.

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