Exploring Interests, Developing Questions Toolkit

Download the digital "Exploring Interests, Developing Questions" toolkit here: Exploring Interests, Developing Questions, Digital toolkit (PDF, 1,468kB)

We know that it takes time to find shared interests and refine research questions, so this tool is designed as an iterative process of designing and exploring together.

This toolkit has been created for you to use flexibly as a playful prompt for conversations within your group. It consists of four sections:

  • Ideas and Interests: This session is a chance to identify areas of shared interest in an open way.
  • Framing the Research: This session will move you from “Ideas and Interests” through to a research question that is worth taking forward.
  • Creativity Through Constraints: This session is a chance to refine your ideas within realistic limitations.
  • Project Proposal: This session will help you to translate your conversations and ideas into a project proposal.

Each section has a suggestion of whether this might be better carried out apart or together.

Exploring Interests, Developing Questions Toolkit © 2021 by Brigstow Institute, University of Bristol is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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