Engaged Beings Toolkit

This toolkit has been created for you to use flexibly within your team. You can use this toolkit to explore and communicate what keeps you engaged in your work, this involves personal motivations, types of outputs that excite you and what practical needs and ways of working help you to engage fully.

Your "Engaged Being" is a playful tool to use to have a more serious conversation about individual needs within your team. We often find that the conversation that follows is where the value lies.


Suggested use of the toolkit


  1. Place all the cards with the text facing up on the table
  2. Sort them in to their different categories (yellow for motivations, grey for practical needs etc)
  3. Looking at all the cards within each category, consider what your individual priorities would be in order to encourage and feed your engagement with the project and the research process.
  4. Choose one card per category that you feel represent your priorities in someway. You may also use a blank card if your answer is not included - write your own text on this card.
  5. You should have four cards, one from each category. turn them over and assemble your engaged being!
  6. Take it in turns to introduce the rest of your project team to your engaged being, explain their motivations, how they work, what outputs excite them, and what they practical needs assist this.

This tool can also be used on your own, to help you explore what keeps you engaged and excited in your work.

Download the Engaged Beings toolkit here: Brigstow Engaged Beings Game (PDF, 7,813kB)

This toolkit should be printed using double sided printingThe individual cards are then cut out along the dotted lines.

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