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Brigstow's Student Researcher roles are paid opportunities for research students at the University of Bristol to experience undertaking interdisciplinary and coproduced research.

Due to the nature of interdisciplinary work, Brigstow's student researcher roles often seek a diverse mix of disciplines and skills. They may range from poetry to robotics, from creative methods to data analysis, and from law to sound.

Many roles involve working within coproduced research projects, giving students the opportunity to experience researching alongside community partners and organisations across the city and beyond.

Browse our open calls to discover an opportunity that you are interested in and if you don’t feel you’re a perfect fit, please still consider applying – this is as much about your career and skills development as it is about assisting a research project.

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Open Calls:

 Previous student research opportunities have varied from creative methods to event organisation, from human-computer interactions to stitching, from humanities to rapid prototyping. You can browse our past student calls on our Closed Calls page.

I had been following the work of the We Are Bristol History Commission, which was set up in the aftermath of the toppling of the Colston statue in June 2020. The Commission was dedicated to exploring a number of questions, not limited to: what have we remembered – and forgotten? Where have we come from? These are questions that interest me greatly; both as a historian and as a Bristol resident. When the Commission paired up with Brigstow to fund four studentships, I jumped at the chance to apply my historical research skills to something I felt could be truly useful for other residents.

Amy Smith (PhD candidate), Brigstow Institute Student Researcher
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