Call for a Creative Partner

Deadline: 12 noon, Monday 12th April 2021

Developing a methodology for the empowerment of teachers-as-researchers in the context of Sustainability and Climate Change Education

This project aims to develop a novel approach for engaging teachers-as-researchers in their own schools, assuring their views and experience is represented in debates around future educational policy and practice (at local and national levels). Working with the Climate Change Education Research Network (CCERN), the team* hope to explore new approaches for teachers to collect and share information about climate change education. Despite its low profile in the National Curriculum, over 70% of teachers in England already engage with students on this issue but know little about the nature and efficacy of each other’s efforts in this area. 

We are hoping to work with a creative partner for a total of 3 days split across three elements with the CCERN:

  • A ‘residency’ at the inaugural CCERN Teacher Conference, 16:00 – 18:00 on April 20th 2021 (possible outputs: visual responses to toolkit-related discussions at the conference; identification of design issues / possibilities for toolkit when teachers are supported in using an initial approach to data collection).
  • Involvement at the second CCERN Teacher Conference (July 2021, date tbc), through a conference session related to data collection and realisation after teachers have trialled an initial approach and we are presenting results.
  • Supporting the Toolkit Design Team in responding to issues from the conferences.

We are looking for a creative partner who will work with us, think creatively about the challenge we are facing, suggest novel approaches to collect information and data, and ways to share this with educators.

To apply, please send no more than two pages responding to the points above with initial ideas and costs (up to £250 per day) to by midday on Monday, 12th April. You are also welcome to include a brief CV/portfolio (no more than one page).

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this before applying, please email and we will arrange a time to speak.


*the team includes representatives from:

  • Universities - Julian Brown (Education, University of Bristol), Kat Steentjes (Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations, Cardiff University), Elisabeth Barratt-Hacking (Education, University of Bristol), Lorraine Whitmarsh (Psychology, University of Bath), Paul Howard-Jones (Education, University of Bristol), Rafael Mitchell (Education, University of Bristol), Justin Dillon (University of Exeter) and Claire Hoolahan (University of Manchester);
  • Schools - Shaun Hatton (St Brendan’s Sixth form College), Lee Knight (Beechen Cliff School), Dave Rees (Ashton Park School), Emily Barr (Bristol Grammar School); and
  • Public sector - Fiona Carnie (Bristol Education Partnership for Bristol Learning City).


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