Visiting us

The Brigstow Institute is located in Royal Fort House.

Royal Fort House is located behind the Physics building on Tyndall Avenue. You can find it by following the signs at the intersection of Woodland Road and Tyndall Avenue, opposite Senate House.

Please note the main (big brown) door is normally locked. There are two other entrances into the house; a white door, opposite the back of the physics building in Royal Fort Gardens, which includes some steps or follow the path around Royal Fort House towards the Hollow and the mirror sculpture and on that side of Royal Fort House there is a door which has a ramp.

If you choose the door opposite the physics building, which is generally unlocked during working hours, University staff and students can gain access to the inner door using their U-Card. If you’re external to the university, please call us on 0117 428 2468 and we’ll come and meet you at the door. After the inner door, turn right; head through the next door (signposted Stairs to Upper Floors and Conference Rooms) then look left. If we’re in, the door to our room (G4) will be open. 

If you choose the door on the path to the Hollow, face Royal Fort House with the Physics building behind you, turn right and follow the building around to the left until you see a ramp up to a door for which you will need to use a U-Card. If you're external to the University, please call us on the number above and we'll meet you at the door. Once inside, turn right immediately after the staircase, head through the brown wooden door, go straight on and through the next door (signposted Reception and Exit). Our room (G4) is second on the right.

For more information on getting to the University of Bristol please visit the map of the precinct and travel details.


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