About us

Brigstow brings researchers from different disciplines together with a range of partners across the city and beyond to experiment in new ways of living and being.

The projects Brigstow funded in 2017 showcased their work in a public event at The Station in Silver Street on 24 October 2017. We hope you enjoy this film of the day.


Find out more about the people involved with Brigstow. 

The film below tells you a little about what Brigstow does and focuses on three of the first projects we funded in 2016.

Our initial themes focus on:

  • living well with technologies
  • living well with difference
  • living well with uncertainty
  • just plain old living well

Our research is underpinned by a commitment to a distinctive way of working that focuses on inter-disciplinarity, co-produced research with – and not just for – external partners, and an emphasis on ‘critical making’ as a research methodology.

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The Brigstow Institute Happenings

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