Year of the Pollinator

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it…

‌Pollination; there are around 270 native species of bee in the UK including 24 species of bumble bees, 225 species of solitary bee. These species live in diverse and specific habitats using all manner of materials as their homes, from overground to underground, in empty snail shells on sand dunes to self-made leaf cells around the stems of plants. Honey bees contribute just 7% of pollination and these wild species are the main source of concern to conservationists. Added to this group are forgotten pollinators, the butterflies, hoverflies, wasps and flies who also play an important role. 

Join us as we focus on the pollinators you will find in your Garden in 2017, pollinators that are important for food crops and are under threat like never before. Learn about how to identify and ultimately help these pollinators and what scientists at Bristol University and beyond are doing to help them. 

This year at the Botanic Garden we'll be running a series of events, workshops and talks based on the theme of pollination including;

Photography competition

Win a signed copy of Steven Falks Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland, a pair of tickets to our Bee and Pollination Festival on the weekend of September 2nd and 3rd with a drink and cake. Simply come to the Garden and take a picture of a native bee, send your images to and title your email 'Photography competition' with your name, telephone number and address. Entries wil lbe shown on our Facebook page and Twitter account. Good luck!

Watch this space for dates and how to book tickets. You can also keep track by liking our Facebook page, and following us on Instagram and Twitter.