Bristol University and the Botanic Garden

Undergraduate tour

Biology undergraduates of Bristol University touring the Botanic Garden

The plant collections at the Botanic Garden are used extensively for undergraduate teaching in the University’s School of Biological Sciences where courses are available in Biology.

The Evolution Collection and Useful Plants Collection are important for teaching first year plant-based modules such as: Evolution of Land Plants, Plant Evolution in Action and Evolution and Exploitation of Crops. The Flowering Plant Phylogeny Display and Floral Diversity Display (both sub-collections within the Evolution Collection) provide living plant examples to illustrate topics covered in the third year course on Flowering Plants. Third year project students use the garden as a source of material and have developed a range of innovative interpretation now used by garden visitors. You can view some third year projects here.

Other courses on Plant Growth and Development, Ecology, and Evolution also utilise specific elements of the collections. The garden is used to help deliver study days and events through the University’s We are Public Engagement . Garden and Centre for Public Engagement staff work closely to deliver a number of initiatives centred on the public understanding of science including the Ballast Seed Garden project.