Western and Southern Australia

Banksia pilostylis

Banksia pilostylis produces nectar rich flowers

The Mediterranean Climate Region of Western and Southern Australia display will be developed over the next two years. It will illustrate the diversity of plants found in heathlands, home to Australian members of the Proteaceae family, Banksia, Grevillea, Lomatia, and Hakea together with the Australian heath, the Epacridaceae family. The mallee scrubland biome, a eucalyptus dominated scrub with under storey shrubs will be home to Callistemon linearis, Correa reflexa, Banksia marginata and kangaroo paw Anigozanthus manglesii. The display will show the relationship between elements of the flora of Western Australia and the flora of the South Western tip of South Africa. The display will highlight how plants of shared morphology have evolved through convergent evolution.

Plants will be established outside against with the shelter provided by west facing stone wall. A supporting display located in the cool zone of the glasshouse will be home to more tender species. Annuals will be sown in spring and some tender plants will be planted outside during the summer.