Plant Collections

The evolution collection

From primitive algae to complex orchids, many with specific pollinator relationships, the Evolution Collections contains many unique and diverse plants.

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The local flora and rare native plant collection

A series of mini West Country habitats have been created and are home to some of the South West’s rare and threatened native flora.

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The Mediterranean collection

Adapted to long, hot, dry summers plants from the world's five Mediterranean climatic regions share many common features to survive with little or no water.

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The useful plants collection

Food and medicine including Chinese medicinal and Western herb plant displays are grown to illustrate man's relationship with useful plants.

The 1.77 hectare garden is home to 4,500 species arranged in four core collections, Evolution, Mediterranean, Local Flora and Rare Natives and Useful Plants, to provide a unique teaching, research and conservation resource. Planted in inspirational displays each collection has been designed to be attractive as well as educational, with some displays allowing visitors to walk through and be ‘immersed’ in the plantings. Each core collection is divided into a number of sub-collections (displays) which focus on a specific aspect of plant biology, ecology, or use.