Membership details

Annual membership

Single member £25. Two persons with a single mailing address including children £35.00

Friends’ annual subscriptions

At the Friends’ annual general meeting in March 2014, members voted unanimously in favour of subscriptions being raised with effect from 1 January 2015. The case for raising subscriptions was agreed to be strong. They have remained unchanged since 2000 and the increase for all membership categories of approximately 25% is considerably less than the rate of inflation since the Garden moved to The Holmes in 2005. A significant part of the income from increased subscriptions will help fund bursaries from the Friends’ Education and Training Fund to young horticultural trainees working in the Botanic Garden.

New annual subscription rates 1 January 2015

Single membership: £25, joint membership (two members sharing the same address): £35

Life membership: £625

Benefactor membership: £125

 Friends will have received full particulars and the appropriate forms for completion (for Direct Debit, Standing Order and cheque payments) with their winter newsletter.

Any queries should be addressed to the membership Secretary

Download a Membership form (PDF, 269kB)


Friends' Constitution.

Friends constitution (PDF, 82kB)

Benefactor membership

You may like to consider providing extra support by becoming a Benefactor Member (Become a Benefactor (PDF, 337kB). You would enjoy free admission to the Garden  for two people, with complimentary tickets to Friends' social events, a special evening tour of the Garden with the Curator and the knowledge that you have added extra impetus to the progress of this remarkable Garden. The subscription for Benefactor Membership is currently £125 per annum which may be held by one person or two.

Life membership

You may like to consider becoming a Life Member to ensure lifelong support for the Friends and the Garden.  The Membership Secretary will be able to give you the current rate for both sole and joint Life membership.

Gift subscription

An annual subscription can make an ideal gift for friends and family.  To make such a gift send the following to the Membership Secretary:

Corporate membership

The Friends’ are very grateful for the support given by our corporate members and we would extend a welcome to other organisations interested in supporting the work of the Friends’ in their support of the Botanic Garden. Please contact Alice Maltby:

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We are also pleased to welcome as a Friends' supporter: The Museum of East Asian Art in Bath