Photography, Filming and Art in the Garden

The Botanic Garden is a perfect place for filming, photography, painting and drawing. Paying visitors are welcome to take images of the plants and landscape to share on social media; however, if you are a professional photographer, artist or production company and would like to use the Garden for commercial purposes you will need to contact us to discuss arrangements beforehand. Also, if you are a group of three or more photographers, filmakers or artists please get in touch with us so we can make your visit enjoyable and hassle free.

Before you arrive, professional filmakers, photographers and artists will need to obtain the following from the Garden Administrators

Photographic Charges for the Botanic Garden:-

Filming Charges for the Botanic Garden:-

Please note that the garden will remain open to the public unless exclusive access has been agreed and an adequate lead time given.

We love to see the Garden being enjoyed and used for creative work and always look forward to seeing the results; so if you would like to use the Garden for these purposes please email or call 0117 428 2041 in advance of the date you hope to come, and we’ll help it work for you.

If encountered on site by staff or security in the Garden on a shoot or whilst filming/painting/drawing, you will be asked to produce your location agreement as proof of permission and confirmation that you have checked into the Welcome Lodge on arrival.