Curator's October tour of the Garden

15 October 2017, 10.30 AM - 15 October 2017, 12.30 PM

Nick Wray

University of Bristol Botanic Garden

Discover the secrets of a glorious October garden display

Join Curator Nick Wray on a special tour of the Botanic Garden and take home plenty of ideas on how you can transform your own garden this month. The garden cultivates over 4500 plant species forming four core collections that illustrate plant evolution, plants from Mediterranean climates, useful plants and rare and threatened native plants to the Bristol area.  Star attractions include an amazing dell demonstrating the evolution of land plants including the dinosaurs’ favourite plants: ginkgos, cycads, tree ferns, monkey puzzles and Wollemi pines. Other delights include the Chinese and Western herb gardens and an inspiring display of plants illustrating floral diversity. 

The tour will also visit the exotic glasshouses for a journey to the Amazon rainforest, the high veld in South Africa, the world’s cloud forests and a magical display of tropical food and medicinal plants. A star attraction is the exotic giant Amazon waterlily. Their spectacular flowers only last about 48 hours. The flower is white the first evening it opens, attracting beetles which it traps overnight to ensure pollination. When the flower reopens on the second evening, it has changed colour to a purplish red and releases the beetles.

You will also find flowering orchids, bromeliads and South African bulbs, all in the expert company of the Curator.

Come rain or shine there will be plenty to see. Tours are an excellent opportunity to hear updates of the innumerable new developments and also learn about plants of seasonal interest.

Admission: Free to Friends, children under 16, university staff and students. Visitors £7.00. Please meet at Welcome Lodge

Kniphofia galpinii