Studying & Painting the Elusive Solitary Bee with Cath Hodsman

9 September 2017, 10.00 AM - 9 September 2017, 4.00 PM

Linnaeus study room, University of Bristol Botanic Garden

So little is known about solitary bees. They are often much smaller than their social counterparts, bumble bees and honey bees. Yet they are garden heroes, as they pollinate many more flowers than their larger cousins – They are also truly beautiful, charismatic and hard-working insects.
In this water colour painting course, participants will have the chance to study and paint these elusive and beautiful creatures in much greater detail. Each student will have access to a high powered microscope and specimens to study the insects. You will then use microscopes and macros photographs to produce a unique and detailed painting. 
You don't need to be an expert in insects or painting; just interested in either, or both! 
Participants will need to bring their own watercolour paints, smallest brushes, pencils and board or tabletop easel. More details will be sent after booking.
Cost - £55
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Ashy mining bee on a dandelion flower.