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Day in the life of a researcher

Kaitlin Wade ECF 2018

19 September 2019

When people think about researchers, they often imagine someone in a laboratory doing experiments with test tubes and other equipment. While this is true for some researchers, many have a very different working life. We thought it would be interesting to take a peek into the life of one of our Early Career Fellows to see what a typical day for her is like.

Meet Dr Kaitlin Wade, an Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Early Career Fellow. She is studying the impact of the gut microbiome on human health. Here, she explains her research:

“I’m using a number of different methods to understand the links between diet, our gut bacteria and disease. Through my research, I’m hoping to find out whether what and how we eat influences our gut bacteria and, in turn, the effect that has on our health.  The question I’m asking is that if we can change the gut bacteria, through diet or lifestyle or using pro-/pre-biotics, can we find new ways of preventing illness?”

Day in the life of Kaitlin Wade

A typical day for Kaitlin

"My work mainly involves analysing data, coding and making pretty graphs on my computer. I have an amazing team and there is always lots to do. My days usually involve meetings about various things from teaching, work projects, supervision and public engagement. I do a lot of teaching and give talks at courses/conferences. Occasionally I get to see my work in print! I try to find time in the day to take a break and go to the gym, and in the evening I spend time out and about enjoying what Bristol has to offer, at home knitting, or sometimes face painting!"

"I love my job! Every day is different, and I get the most incredible opportunities to travel the world to teach, present my work and talk to people about science in general."


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