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The Royal Society Scientific Programme and Summer Science Exhibition

6 August 2014

The Royal Society is inviting proposals from UK scientists for two of its most prestigious activities, the scientific programme and Summer Science Exhibition.

Scientific Programme 

The Royal Society scientific programme presents excellent opportunities for UK-based scientists to demonstrate scientific leadership and vision to run an interdisciplinary international conference as part of the calendar of the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of science. They are inviting proposals for meetings in London and at the Kavli Royal Society International Centre. The deadline to submit proposals is Monday 8th September 2014.

More information is available from the Scientific programme section of the Royal Society Website.

Summer Science Exhibition 2015

The Summer Science Exhibition is an excellent opportunity to showcase your cutting-edge research to members of the public, school students, policy makers, MPs and funding bodies as well as the wider scientific community. Over 13,000 visitors are expected to attend next year's expanded exhibition, with a further 100,000 visits online. The exhibition also attracts widespread medi interest, making it an ideal opportunity to bring your research to a wide audience. The exhibition will take place from 29th June to 5th July 2015, with proposals accepted until 22nd September 2014.

More information is available from the Summer Science Exhibition 2015 section of the Royal Society website. 

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