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Technology Strategy Board: Advancing the development and application of non-animal technologies

21 February 2014

The development and launch of new products in areas such as human and veterinary medicine, agrochemicals, personal care products, and food additives require evaluation of the safety and efficacy of the substances used in them. Currently, with the exception of personal care products, this is mostly determined by testing in animal models prior to potential exposure or use in humans. This is aimed at supporting feasibility studies into how non-animal technologies can be further developed and applied to improve product development across a range of industries.

Projects should last between 12 and 18 months, and can range in size up to £250,000. Business partners will attract up to 65 per cent public funding of their project costs, or 75 per cent for SMEs. Collaborations can be business-to-science or business-to-business. Where academic partners are involved, their cost must be no greater than 50 per cent of the total project costs. Follow this link for more information.

Deadline: 19-Mar-14

Please contact or  if you are interested in applying for this call.

Andrew and Frances can provide advice and guidance on your application and can also help identify / put you in touch with potential businesses. Technology Strategy Board also run networking events which are call specific and may be of interest - please see the website for more information.

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