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Support for travel to West Africa for work related to Ebola outbreak

6 November 2014

University of Bristol researchers volunteering to work on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa can apply to Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for financial support to cover their travel and subsistence costs.

The funding for this support comes from the Wellcome Trust's Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF).
The Wellcome Trust have been involved in a number of focussed support initiatives related to the Ebola outbreak.They are aware that individuals willing to volunteer to work on Ebola in West Africa are having difficulty finding smaller amounts of funding for airfares and travel expenses, accommodation, subsistence and travel and health insurance cover (if available).  
The Wellcome Trust would like to help support researcher volunteering, and have agreed that the  Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) may be used as a mechanism.  
If this opportunity interests you, please contact your Head of (University of Bristol) School in the first instance.  
If you wish to apply for funds, then please contact the Director of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, Jeremy Tavare ( to check eligibility with the Wellcome Trust before proceeding with the deployment of any ISSF funds.

These will be difficult and brave decisions for the individuals concerned, and also for the University of Bristol as the employer, with the responsibility and duty of care for those individuals.   
  • Who is eligible:  Researchers travelling to work on Ebola related research platforms and programmes in West Africa. 
  • What costs are eligible: Travel expenses (e.g. airfares), subsistence where appropriate at standard rates, travel insurance, health insurance (if available), transport of small equipment. 
  • What costs are not eligible: Research costs, transport of large equipment.
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