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Professor Nakaya talks on health inequalities in Japan

24 February 2014

Professor Tomoki Nakaya will be presenting on Tuesday 25th Feb in Geographical Sciences Seminar Room 1 to the title of Areal deprivation, social areas and health inequalities in Japan.

4 - 6 pm, Tuesday 25 February 2014

Seminar Room 1, School of Geographical Sciences, University Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1SS

The School of Geographical Sciences welcomes people to a seminar chaired by Professor Clive Sable, featuring a talk by Professor Tomoki Nakaya (Ritsumeikan University, Japan):

A contemporary view of Japan as one of the most egalitarian societies might mask the manifest existence of a socioeconomic gradient in health. The aim of this talk is to examine geographical health inequalities at small areal levels in Japan by using areal indicators of deprivation and geodemographics typologies. With a simple example of Britain-Japan comparison on regional mortality disparities, historical trends of areal health inequalities in Japan will be briefly argued to give more details on the importance to investigate small area geography reflecting socio-economic segregation in the recent Japan. Then two case studies at neighbourhood levels (Cho-cho or Cho-cho-aza) will be presented: (1) associations of cancer survivals with the areal deprivation index which was derived from the microdata analysis on poverty; and (2) geodemographic profiling of self-rated health using a general social survey. In these, small-area variations in health will be estimated and visualised over geographic space and/or socio-economic space with the aide of hierarchical modelling with spatially structured random effects. The revealed geographic disparities in health reflect socioeconomic inequalities implies the importance of addressing socio-geographical inequalities to reduce social disparities in health in Japan.

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