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Cancer Research UK Multidisciplinary Project Award launched

Brief info on CRUK Multidisciplinary Project Award scheme

18 August 2014

Following the recent launch of Cancer Research UK’s New Research Strategy, they have launched a new funding scheme supporting collaborations to beat cancer.

The Multidisciplinary Project Award: Integrating research expertise across disciplines is important to provide new insight and accelerate innovation. This new Award will support collaborations between cancer researchers and scientists from engineering and physical science disciplines. CRUK hopes that this scheme will generate creative technologies and methodologies to further understand, detect, diagnose and treat cancer.

This Multidisciplinary Project Award seeks to target both cancer researchers and those working in wider research fields such as engineers, physicists, mathematicians and chemists.  It provides support for up to 4 years of research, typically in the region of £0.5 million. This can be used to fund salaries of postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and technical staff, plus associated running expenses and equipment.

The Award is now live and open for applications; more information can be found on the CRUK blog. The first submission deadline for the Award is 17th November 2014, and they will be reviewing applications twice a year at Science Committee.

Further information

For more information about the Multidisciplinary Project Award, please contact Dr David Clarke.

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