Veterinary Parasitology & Ecology

Weighing sheepParasites remain one of the most important constraints to animal health, welfare and productivity. A detailed understanding of the biology, ecology and epidemiology of parasites, in association with the hosts they inhabit, is essential to allow acceptable levels of control to be achieved. Veterinary Parisitology and Ecology is an inter-disciplinary group linking researchers in the School of Biological Sciences with Bristol Veterinary School.

Group members

Research staff

Professor Richard Wall
Dr Eric Morgan
Dr Hannah Rose
Dr Lauren Ellse
Katie Bull

Research students

Olivia Godber, Swaid Abdullah, Bryony Sands, Gerardo Arias, Emily Nixon, Penny Goode, Margherita Mainiero
Nor-Azlina Abdul Aziz,  Rebecca Weka, Andrew Cooke

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