Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics

Research in our lab focuses on the genetic basis of adaptation and evolution in plants and animals. We are interested in all aspects of adaptation, from the physiological and cellular to the structural and behavioural and how changes at the level of gene and genome underpin these adaptations. We use a range of experimental approaches to study adaptation, including: molecular genetics, quantitative genetics, genome analysis, cell biology, population genetics, field ecology, and behavioural ecology. The lab contains three research teams lead by Professor Simon Hiscock, Dr Jon Bridle, and Dr Heather Whitney, respectively. Within the University of Bristol we have close links with the Cereal Genomics Group, the Community Ecology Group, and the Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information. We also collaborate with researchers at many other Universities in the UK and abroad. We receive funding from NERC, the Leverhulme Trust, The Royal Society, the European Science Foundation, Lloyd's Tercentenary Trust, and the British Ecological Society.

Group members

Group leaders: Professor Simon Hiscock, Dr Jon Bridle, Dr Heather Whitney

Associated researchers: Lucia Aguila, Tom Batstone, Roseanne Guy, Dr Eleanor O'Brien, Alan Reynolds, Dr Christopher Thorogood

Research postgraduates: Charlotte Bickler, James Buckley, Shanna Ludwig, Aditi Singh

Visiting researchers: Dori Zafra Álvarez

Sorbus aria flowerLab News

Two recently offered NERC/CASE PhD studentships at Bristol University beginning autumn 2010 (no longer available):

  1. Predicting ecological and evolutionary responses of pollination networks to climate change: the impact of variation within species, with Dr Jon Bridle, Prof Jane Memmott, and Dr Lucy Rogers (Avon Wildlife Trust) (studentship description (PDF, 272kB)).
  2. Ecological constraints on evolution: a case study with Lake Malawi's cichlid fish, with Drs Martin Genner, Jon Bridle, and Lukas Ruber (Natural History Museum, London) (studentship description (PDF, 93kB)).

Upcoming events at Bristol Botanic Gardens

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