The Urban Pollinators Project: Researching insect pollinators in urban habitats in the UK

13 February 2013, 11.30 PM - 13 February 2013, 11.30 PM

Presentation by Dr Nadine Mitschunas. 7:45 pm, Harbourne Building, University of Reading. Friends of the Harris Garden members only.

Dr Nadine Mitschunas from the University of Reading will outline the three main research questions that the project is addressing:

  1. Where exactly is the pollinator biodiversity in the UK – urban habitats, farmland or nature reserves?

  2. Where are the hot-spots of pollinator biodiversity in urban areas?

  3. What can we do to improve pollinator diversity and abundance? 

Nadine will talk about the fieldwork carried out so far, present some initial findings and introduce the flower meadows sown in Reading as part of the project.

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Bumblebee foraging on Echinops

Bumblebee foraging on Echinops Dr Nadine Mitschunas