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  • Dr Mike Hull (Postgraduate student in Neuroinformatics and Computational Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh) Modelling locomotor networks. Now working in Computer Science industry in Cambridge.
  • Dr Edgar Buhl (BBSRC postdoctoral assistant) pathways for initiation of locomotion. Now working on Drosophila circadian rhythms in Bristol Medical School. Recently appointed to a Lectureship in Physiology at Medical School in Exeter.
  • Dr Debbie Conte (BBSRC postdoctoral assistant) defining neurons controlling locomotion. Now working in industry for Renishaw.
  • Dr Crawford Winlove (postgraduate student): Development of spinal neuron properties. Now a lecturer at Exeter University Medical School.
  • Dr Wen-Chang Li (Royal Society University Research Fellow): Moved to continue work on Xenopus tadpoles at University of St Andrews.
  • Dr Bart Sautois (Ghent University, Dept. of Applied Mathematics & Computer Science): Modelling spinal circuits. Now working for Volvo!
  • Dr Lisa James (postgraduate student): Development of spinal reflexes. Training to teach.
  • Erin Anderson: Now studying medicine at Swansea.
  • Dr Tom Lambert: After post-doc in Stuttgart, now studying medicine in Birmingham.
  • Alison Walford: Retired.
  • Dr Ray Perrins: Has returned to research in Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Bristol.
  • Dr Fei-Yue Zhao: Now working in the private sector in Warwick.
  • Dr Paddy Howson: Now working in private sector near Cambridge.
  • Dr David Jamieson: Now a computer officer at University of Durham.
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