MAD people

The MAD group start the year with two new postdocs:

Abby Tabor
I first became interested in research when I was working as physiotherapist in London, treating, and probably causing, quite a lot of pain. I decided to follow this interest to Australia, where I undertook my PhD in conjunction with King's College London. My PhD focussed on perceptual inference in relation to the experience of pain, specifically considering the purpose that pain serve, how it influences the perceptions we hold of our environment and the decisions we make. I will be working on evolutionary models of pain and its interaction with mental health. 

Tom Rosenström 
I have studied psychology (PhD) and applied mathematics (MSc) in the University of Helsinki, and currently apply both statistical and theoretical quantitative models in order to understand processes related to mental health, and sometimes also physical health. Depressive symptoms, personality, and their correlates have been central topics in many of my works, drawing on explanations from evolutionary biology. 

We are:

Prof. Alasdair Houston FRS

Prof. John McNamara FRS

Dr Tim Fawcett

Dr Andy Higginson

Dr Pete Trimmer

Mr Dave Mallpress

Miss Bex Pike


MAD alumni:

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