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Bristol University has a unique concentration of expertise in the broad array of topics that contribute to, and feed from, behavioural biology. In particular, the University Research Centre (URC) in Behavioural Biology fosters co-operation between those who carry out observational and experimental studies of animals in the field or lab, and theoreticians who model behavioural, ecological and evolutionary problems. The Centre is an interdisciplinary venture between three Schools within the university: Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Veterinary Sciences. Each School has its individual strengths in theoretical and/or empirical studies of behavioural and evolutionary biology, but the role of the URC is to promote discussion between theoretician and empiricist, be they graduate students or leading experts in the field. Formal and informal meetings and seminars provide the ideal scientific environment for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. We have excellent research facilities for studies of pure and applied animal behaviour, and advanced mathematical modelling, and all members of the URC are well supported by research grants. We welcome enquiries from potential Ph.D. students plus post-docs and sabbatical visitors. Graduate students follow a research programme that is integrated within the University's Graduate School in Science which further broadens the opportunities for training and interdisciplinary research. Please contact the individual staff member with interests closest to yours.

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