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Six new lecturers start in Biological Sciences

All six of our new academic positions in Biological Sciences have now started.  We are delighted to have them here in Bristol and are very much looking forward to working with them in the future.  The six are as follows:

Antony Dodd is a plant scientist who investigates how circadian rhythms and cell signalling adapt plants to environmental changes.

Davide Pisani is an evolutionary biologist who combines genomic and palaeontological information to investigate evolution in deep time.

Nicholas Roberts is a visual ecologist who studies the optics of different adaptations in the visual systems and signals of a variety of animals.

Seirian Sumner is a behavioural ecologist who combines field experiments with genomic analyses to address questions on the ecology and evolution of sociality.

Jakob Vinther is a molecular palaeobiologist who uses the fossil record and molecular phylogenetics to reconstruct macroevolutionary patterns of animal evolution.

Heather Whitney is a plant biologist who looks at the structures produced by the plant surface and how and who they might interact with.

Davide and Jakob are joint appointments with Earth Sciences; Heather, Nick and Antony are proleptic appointments starting lectureships when their current Bristol based fellowships finish; Seirian started her lectureship in November.