Green Impact Information and Updates

All the latest Green Impact Updates for the Life Sciences Building

Alternative Travel Options

Remove some of the barriers to travelling sustainably; take the time to plan your journey.

The below links will help you:
• Journey Planning and Local Travel Information
• The Public Transport Information mailing list
• The Motorcycle User Group Mailing list;
• The University of Bristol Bike User Group (TUB-BUG);
• The University of Bristol Travel’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Did you know there's a ferry service running through Bristol?
An accessible water bus service operates in Bristol. One of the most popular journeys being between Spike Island and Hotwells. There is a commuter service opening on the 3rd April.

a ferry

You can apply for an interest-free loan on travel cost: 
• The University’s interest free loan scheme for bus passes;
• The University's interest free loan scheme for train season tickets;

• The University’s car-sharing scheme
• Bristol's car clubs

Find out more about cycling here.

 Recycling in the Life Sciences Building

       Where to put your waste


You can use the UoB Plastic Recycling Bins for ALL plastics including hard plastics, carrier bags, yoghurt pots, plastic bottles, plastic cups etc. 
Find out about Lab plastics.

Food Waste

All kitchen areas have food waste bins as well as the Atrium.

You can recycle almost all food waste in your kitchen food bin:

Please don’t fill them with:

Cans, Tins and Foils

Please rinse all food tins and ensure that drinks cans are empty.
Then place them in the labelled bin in your staff kitchen or other communal areas including the Skylounge and Atrium.


All types of paper can be recycled in your office’s blue recycling bin:


You can recycle all card, cardboard, and Tetrapak cartons. Flatten your boxes so they don’t take up too much space in the external bins, then place them in the cardboard bins located in the reception area, Skylounge and by the Atrium stairs.


We have a glass bin in the Atrium located near the entrance of the Project Labs.

We can recycle:

We can’t recycle:


You can recycle your batteries in a special battery bin which is located at the base of the Atrium stairs.