About the facility

The Bristol Genomics Facility is a core facility based in the Life Sciences Building of the University of Bristol. Established in 2003, we provide state of the art genomics and transcriptomics services to enable molecular scientific research within the University of Bristol and externally, both nationally and internationally.

We have Illumina NextSeq & MiSeq sequencers for high and low output next generation sequencing, and are one of only a handful of providers in Europe to offer both 96 and 384-plate format Thermofisher (formerly Affymetrix) microarray processing. Our services offer the entire workflow from experimental design through to data analysis.

The Bristol Genomics Facility is run by Jane Coghill and Christy Waterfall, both with extensive backgrounds in commercial and research environments, and a wealth of experience in the effective design of genomics experiments.

We offer a range of services from experimental design through to data analysis, and welcome contact to discuss your research requirements and how we can assist.

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