Bristol Centre for Agricultural Innovation

The purpose of the Bristol Centre for Agricultural Innovation (BCAI) is to support agricultural science based within the University of Bristol, through research, innovation, application and promotion.

About the fund

The Bristol Centre for Agricultural Innovation is generously supported by funding from the Lady Emily Smyth Trust, established in the University of Bristol in 2003. To continue the legacy of Lady Emily Smyth, the Bristol Centre for Agricultural Innovation will be at the cutting edge of agricultural research.

The intention is to provide financial assistance to University of Bristol academic and research staff to promote and support agricultural research, but with particular reference to arable, fruit and vegetable systems, although strong applications in all areas of agricultural science will also be considered.

The fund can offer grants in the following areas:

  • The collection of proof of principle studies to facilitate the award of further funding.
  • Novel cutting edge research projects.
  • Match funding to underpin research and studentship applications.
  • Pump priming new research proposals.
  • Development of formal links and collaborations between University of Bristol staff with a shared interest in agricultural research.
  • Research equipment relating to agricultural research and agricultural related grant applications.
  • Meetings that facilitate future research collaborations with external partners or industry.
  • Promotion of agricultural research in the form of workshops, lectures, educational outreach among other activities.

Most awards are between £1,000-10,000. Larger awards will be considered should proposals have strategic relevance and there is potential to add value, such as those matched by external funding, that pump prime large external awards, complete publications relevant to the REF, or contribute to longer-term goals of impact cases. 

Apply for funding

Please visit our funding page to apply.

Management Group

The management group is appointed for three-year terms.

BCAI Research Themes

 BCAI Research Themes (PDF, 6,666kB)


All general and funding enquiries should be directed to BCAI mailbox

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