Schools week

Each year in June the School of Biochemistry opens its doors for Schools Week. Year 12/13 students are invited into the School for a day of talks and demonstrations. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Biochemistry and to meet lecturers and postgraduate students from the School.

This year the Schools Week subject was diabetes. Students were first given a lecture that examined why the lifestyle choices of their parents’ generation had contributed to the rapid increase in the incidence of diabetes.

Once in the lab students were assigned a fictional patient and were asked to analyse blood and urine samples for evidence of diabetes. By using modern biochemical techniques such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays they were able to detect the presence of as little as a few millionths of a gram of insulin and thus accurately diagnose their patent’s condition.

Altogether, the students agreed that modern methods were an advance from the past when physicians would diagnose diabetes by tasting their patients’ urine!


This is an extremely popular event and pre-booking for your school is essential. If you are a teacher, email Levi Joynerfor more information and to ensure your school is invited.

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